European Union UE-EU ALERT!


European Union ROBBERY of the finest kind.

If you are living in the EU and looking for spare parts for your audio gear, like surrounds for your Tannoy HPD,
You should be aware of the fact that the EU- or local-customs in the countries in the European Union,
are taxing goods ordered from other continents like USA or Australia or Asia with a

       tax rate of 50%!

The EU is ROBBING ordinary people!

In the EU BIG international companies pay: no, 0, ZERO, zilt, nada, nix, niente, none, nichts, nax, null, rien, nothing, keine, 000, nista, res, kanthu, intet, gornisht, nihil, nic, ingenting, niekas, 00, tax.

Is it not that this kind of taxing and behaviour of the EU is symptomatic for all things the EU stands for.
The initial idea for the EU is ok, but the factual creation of the EU is a total failure for the ordinary European citizen.
The same goes for the EU currency
: it is a disaster for the ordinary European citizen, a blessing for the rich,
so now the EU stands for a few rich and is a
annoyance for over 100's million ordinary European citizens.

We urgently have to get rid of it or change it radically.


Thank you European Union for robbing me.





PE1MMK Hans Hilberink, update 28-08-2016.