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Luxman L100 amplifier



Powerfull amplifier made by Luxman in the 1970's. The L100 was designed by Tim de Paravicini, the best amplifier Luxman made in that time frame and still one of the best integrated amplifiers ever made.


Special features:

This Luxman L100 is full of special features, it is a real audio performance centre.
At the time Luxman issued this amp, it was unprecedented in its kind: it set a standard.
It has many things in its design that Luxman used in later designs, even up to today!
This Luxman L100 is the most wanted amplifier in the vintage Luxman integrated amp range.
Even today its still meeting modern standards: design principles of this amp you will still find in modern integrated amps.


Now thats a power cap not? ^


User Manual:

Click here to download the manual in  PDF format (construction)



Back view ^



Slick built inside, with modular power amps and huge power caps ^



Revision & restoration of the power modules, getting rid of the bad Philips capacitors from a questionable previous repair. ^



Exceptional sound.









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