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Luxman L-405 amplifier



Integrated amplifier with 2x 70 Watts RMS power and duo Beta.

Special futures:

MC and MM phono input. AV input. Duo Beta circuit. Active tone control.
Generous power, an upgraded version may produce up to 80 Watts RMS per channel.
Tape dubbing facility. Tone switch. A/B speaker terminals switches.


User Manual:

Click here to download the User Manual in PDF format



Click here to download the Service Manual in PDF format



Upgrade the power supply. Set the power transformer to 240V in Europe if possible. Check idling current in the power amps.

In the yellow circles you find the vulnurable parts that break down easely. ^
In the purple circle you find the newly replaced series resistor to exchange the light-bulbs for LEDs.


Parts that broke down after a mistreat of the amplifier.^

Replacing the broken ones: New power transistors ^

Exchanging the light bulbs for LEDs. ^

The result, bright colours ^



The sound is powerful and good.




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