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T-33 AM/FM Tuner



Generously build Luxman tuner accompanying the L30 amplifier.

L30 + T33 set ^


Special futures:

The tuner has AM band reception extra.


Front power off ^


Front power on ^


Stereo & centre tuning ^

The unwanted effect of led-lights ^


User Manual:

Click here to download the user manual in PDF format



Restored ps-, audio- and MPX-section ^



Click here to download the schematic diagram of the Luxman T33 tuner.



Inside the restored T33 ^


Different version of the T33, with smaller and simpler LF filter section. Usually found in the USA. ^



You may replace all electrolytic capacitors.

In the EU set the tuner main voltage selector to 240 V, due to the detrimental voltage rise from 220V to 240V~.



Bottom view pcb, powersupply and LF audio ^


Bottom view ^


Back of the L30 - T33 set ^



Excellent sound and very good reception.





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