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Robin Electric KA-300 amplifier



Around 1973 issued amplifier for the English UK markets, made by 'Comet Cometro Electronics' company Japan.


Front ^

Nice solid metal black front with black knobs ^

Front detail ^


Owners manual:

not yet available


Back panel ^

interior, very well built and very good designed pcb ^

Special futures:

This amplifier comes with DIN input/output sockets.
Light and small footprint amp. Wood case.
Well build and good parts used.
Nice looking amplifier that fits nicely into a black audio chain.
This amp employs all silicon transistors.


Interior typical Cometro build ^



Distortion (THD 20Hz - 20kHz) < 0.1% at continuous output per channel: 10 Watts RMS per channel.
Speaker impedance: 8~16ohms
Signal/noise ratio: 85dB power amp. section
3 x DIN input.


Power transistors are the same as in the Camet CA-3300 ^



not yet available

Power heatsink ^



This amp was originally designed for the use of TO-66 power transistors, as you can see in this model there is a pcb added
on the heatsink for the use of plastic power transistors, something you see very often in this kind of designs.

You may replace some diodes, capacitors and resistors in the power supply and power rail.
After modification this amp is capable of producing 2x 15 Watts RMS.

The pcb for non TO-66 transistors ^


After update ^


The Audiosonic tuner with the Robin as ensemble of a Comet set ^


Cometro company Japan.



The sound is very good for such a small amplifier.



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