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Luxman C-120-A pre-amplifier



Around 1983 Luxman company came with its C-120(A) pre-amplifier.

C-120A ^


Back ^


Front ^


Special futures:

This is a class-A design pre-amp.


The inside of the pre-amp ^




Click here to download the schematic diagram of the Luxman C120A pre-amp in pdf-format.

This pre-amp has several nice features. It has a MC phono input with a very nice MC transformer.


Red wire for 240V ^


Click here to download the service-manual of the Luxman C-120A in pdf-format.



The capacitors of the power supply should be replaced, as the PS gets hot.
Do set this pre-amp to 240V ~ setting in EU with the mains voltage selector if available, due to the detrimental voltage rise from 220V to 240V~:
the secondary voltage will drop from a 48 Volts to a desired approx. 45 Volts and that causes less heat in the PS.



Back of the pcb ^



The sound quality is excellent.



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