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Sansui AU-D11 amplifier by Frank Speet




Generously build big power amplifier




MK 1 ^


MK 2 ^



Special futures:

Later generation integrated amplifier with big power capabilities


User Manual:

Click here to download the user manual in PDF format





Click here to download the service manual version 1 in PDF format

Click here to download the service manual version 2 in PDF format





An update for a first-generation AU-D11:
The stabilized power supply for the preamplifier and power stage driver not only
suffers from 13 Volt zener diodes that 'collapse', but the stabilization transistors
of the + and - 69 Volt driver power supply get very hot and the dried out solder
welds that lead to all kinds of problems over time. I solved that by putting those
four transistors (new 2SB861 / 2SD1138) in a row on a black sprayed strip of aluminum.
Insulate well of course, with nylon bushings and mica plates, because the collectors
have + or - 80 Volt on! Works perfectly, the aluminum plate is now at most lukewarm.



Burnt pcb with burnt parts removed ^

All new parts installed with proper heatsink ^



Sound is excellent.





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