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Sony ST-5066 FM/AM Tuner


Around 1975 Sony company came with its 1055 series, high quality amplifiers & tuners on the European market.



Special futures:

The Sony ST-5066 tuner incorporates special custom Sony transistors as you can see on the schematics.
It has a FM 3 gang varicap on the Alps front-end. It employs 2 fets in the front-end.
It has a standard schematic for stereo reception and FM demodulation is a simple standard 'ratio' diode version.
Also a LF filter block is on the pcb. No provision for Anti-Birdies.
The power supply is simple but effective. The total electronic setup is simple but effective.
It has a hi-blend switchable filter.
AM reception is also an option.

The FM section gives excellent sensivity, good reception even of weak signals and the sound is good.
It is a medium sized tuner: Its made to accompany the amplifiers of Sony like the TA-1066.


Inside ^




Service manual of the ST-5066 in PDF click here



Electrolytic caps can be replaced and heatsinking of the power supply transistor can be improved.

Set the deėmphasis-compensation to 75 µS in USA and 50 µS in Europe.

Set the tuner to 240V mains in Europe.

Front-end ^


Power transformer ^


Front ^

Stereo ^


Dial ^




This tuner is very sensitive and easy to use, it lacks the more extensive control of most Luxmans.
The sound is great and reception is very good.




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