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ERA 444 turntable




Classic 'made in France' turntable with excellent performance.

Brochure ^

ERA 444 with ERA arm ^


ERA 444 with SME plinth ^


Special futures:

This ERA 444 is bought without arm and almost all 9' arms available on the market will be suitable.
The plinth is to be drilled with the right holes to fit the arm of choice.
I used it with a SME arm for many years.
The SME arm is now on another turntable and the ERA has to be restored.


User Manual:

Click here to download the ERA user manual in French



ERA with SME arm ^


ERA 666 with 666 arm ^


sub plateau with belt ^

ERA MKIV drive inside ^



Click here to download the ERA manual in English

Click here to download the ERA manual in French



Old SME plinth that has to be exchanged ^


Installation of the new feet ^




The SME arm is now on another turntable and the ERA 444 has to be restored.
The belt has been renewed and a new plinth has been consrtucted.


The original feet had gone bad and were not usable anymore. I received a set of 4 very nice feet from Bill Owen.
Bill is the owner of and makes these very nice feet for turntables.
I installed them on the ERA and look how well they fit, looks good, works great.
The performance of the feet is very good and a true improvement compared to the old ERA feet.

Take a look at Bill's website and find new feet for your turntable, Micro-Seiki, Thorens, Sansui, Technics & more.

click on the picture.



New feet installed and aligned ^


Installation of the new plinth ^



Installation of the arm ^


Alignment of the arm ^


Test connection to the amp after installing the Shure V15 II cartridge ^

Testing ^




The sound of the restored ERA 444 is excellent also thanks to the excellent performing new feet.


ERA add ^




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