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Luxman T-102L Tuner



Around 1981 Luxman company came with its tuner T-102L

Front ^


The display in FM function. ^



Special futures:

This FM tuner may have MW and LW as extra feature, depending on the L option version. It has auto-search, narrow MF switch.


The inside of the tuner, MW version. V


Click here to download the user manual of the Luxman T-102L tuner in pdf-format (construction)



The pcb is an Alpine and the soldering machine of Alpine was setup lean, resulting in thin soldered connections and consequently intermitting contacts.

The 78M12 in the power supply section should be checked for bad contacts as it gets hot and heatsinking should be checked: add some heatsinking compound.

Click here to download the service manual of the Luxman T-102L tuner in pdf-format




With box. V



To get a stable reception the capacitors of the power supply should be checked, also the pcb's shlould be checked.
The tuner can be set to 240 Volt in Europe.


T102L version with LW ^



The sound and reception quality is ok.

This is an ideal tuner when you have an antenna on your roof or any other personal antenna solution.



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