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 A.M.  KTX-4000V  amplifier



Generously build amplifier with excellent performance.
This amp was made in
Japan by Hakkoh Electric company.



Special futures:

Sliders for tone and balance
Speaker A & B system




Front ^



Brand Information:

Hakkoh Electronics company Japan made many amplifier and tuner models for European, Australian, British and USA companies.
They also issued audio gear under their own names, like "Hakkoh".
Hakkoh collaborated with Denshi company and with Hachiden company, now acting as one company.

Hakkoh made amplifiers for many companies ^

This is a modern product from Hakkoh ^



Output power: max. 2x 25 Watts RMS per channel, max output 40 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms.
Distortion: THD 20 Hz - 20 kHz  < 0.1% at rated continuous output per channel.
Speaker recommended impedance: 4~16ohms.
Tone control: Bass: 100Hz, @ +/-10dB, Treble: 10000Hz, @ +/-10dB
Tone filter: rumble filter: 25Hz: -10dB
Input sensivity: 4 mV at 47 kOhms for Phono, 300mV for Aux & Tuner at 10 kOhms,
                       150 mV for X-tal at 100 kOhms, 300mV for Tape at 47 kOhms, rec out 150 mV.
Signal/noise ratio: 70 dB RIAA phone amp, 90 dB power-amp. section.
Channel separation: Tuner, Tape, Xtal: >60dB
Damping factor: 35 @ 8 Ohms.
5 x DIN inputs, 4x Din ouputs.
Mains: 220V / 240V.
Dimensions: 350x110x200.
Weight: 4.1 Kgs.



User Manual:

Click here to download the manual PDF format




Back panel ^



Click here to download the user manual with schematic diagram in PDF format



Interior ^



The PCB with components ^



The sound of this amplifier is very good.


Other rebranded models ^

Palm amplifier from the same Hakkoh factories. ^



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