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Sansui 551 receiver


This receiver was produced by Sansui in the 1970s. it has great reception capabilities and sound is excelent.



Front ^

interior view ^




Special futures:

This 551 tuner-section has AM with antenna that you can pull out of the cabinet.




The Sansui 551 service manual in pdf format to download click here



All electrolytic capacitors can be replaced. Some capacitors can be added to the power supply rail of the tuner section,
to improve stability. The power transistor in the power supply can be heatsinked to improve reliability.
Lamps can beexchanged by leds. Exchange the power main cap for a 4700F
or exchange rectifier diodes too and take a 10.000F for optimal sound and 2x 25 Watts output capability.



Very good.

These Sansui audio components soon got legendary by their outstanding build quality and good sound.




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