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Sansui TU-217 to 417 tuner




Generously build tuner with excellent performance and a cheap trice tag.





Special futures:

FM tuning centre meter and AM.


User Manual:

Click here to download the TU-217 user manual PDF format here




Click here to download the TU-217 service manual PDF format here

The schematic of the TU-217 tuner is fundamental and very good.

The TU-317 and TU-417 are very similar and have only slight differences
to the TU-217, just 2 or 4 lamps addition with bigger mains-transformer.

The power supply was several times changed, with a different transformer and with a different stabilizer: LM7815 or similar


internal Sansui TU-217 ^

The 110-220 Volt version  with LM7815 ^



You may exchange the C103 of 470 µF to 2200 µF for better power-line stability.
Also C17 of 47µF to 100µF for better FM front-end performance.


FM front-end and AM front-end ^


Power supply ^




The sound of this tuner is excellent.



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