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Luxman 5E24 peak level indicator



Generously designed and built led bar meter issued in 1977 in the famous Luxman LRSeries.

Front ^

Luxman LRS series ^


Back ^


Special futures:

Peak level led bar meter for the LRS series with several extra features and "peak hold" function.


User Manual:

Click here to download the owners manual of the 5E24 in PDF format




Click here to download the service manual of the 5E24 in PDF format



The 5E24 peak level meter can be updated by checking pcb's and all electrolytic capacitors on these pcb-boards.
Many el-capacitors may be out of specs and lost ESR.
The heatsinking of the 5V & 15V LM-78XX power line IC's may be improved.
Additional noise reduction capacitors may be required to get a stable power supply as all IC's are TTL and op-amp.

If you have a multi voltage unit, set it to 240 Volt AC if you reside in Europe.
If you have a 100/120 V version in a 240 V region, its not easy to replace the mains transformers,
if you do: use a torodial models as shown below.


Top view inside ^


New parts inside ^


Upgrade from 110V to 240Volt version with the exchange of the 110V block transformers to 2x torodial 240V mains transformers:


Photo1: Transformer 14 exchanged ^


Photo 2 Transformer 13 ready to go ^


Both transformers now 240 Volt version ^

You may install a LM7915 IC to stabilize the -15 V rail. Below is an indication how, but of course place it in between of the 4 capacitors. On the photo you can see better how its done, an insulation cover is also on the IC, the 7915 is not getting hot so it does not need heatsinking.



7915 inserted and covered with insulation. ^


Detail ^

Front ^

With 5M20 ^



I drive my updated 5M20 and 5C50 with the 5F70 and this 5E24: that works fine.



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PE1MMK Hans Hilberink, thanks to Kent Goldy for the user manual scan, 11-03-2021.