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Luxman WL313 AM/FM tuner




Nice Luxman tuner with good performance, made by Lux in 1967/1968.

The WL313 was conceived to go together with the Luxman SQ1220 integrated amplifier.


^ Front


^ Makes a nice combo with the SQ1220.


Special futures:

Stereo tuner with noise reduction & muting switch, front matches with the SQ1220 amplifier.

Range FM: USA, Japan, Australia and Europe, from 76-90 or 80-95 or 88-108 MHz.

Range AM: standard MW.



User Manual:

Click here to download the service manual PDF format





Click here to read in Swedish a review with tests and data of the SQ1220 & WL313 combo.



^ Power supply repair, all electrolytic caps need to be replaced, as all have lost most capacity.


^ aligning the FM frontend section is done.


^ Inside the WL313.


^ Repairing the AF section.


^ Re-alining the Stereo-decoder is a time consuming work.


^ FM-IF section with meter pot.


^ inside bottom view.


^ Back with AM antenna rod.


^ Front of the 80-95 version.



I did not make any modification after the restoration of the WL313.



^ S9 FM reception.



The sound on FM is good, stereo is ok, noise switch works well, muting is ok,
the AM is not very sensitive, but strong stations are recepted well.





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