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Philips 22GH943 amplifier



Well build Philips early 1963 germanium transistor amplifier with good performance.



Special futures:

2x 10 Watts RMS HiFi amplifier with RIAA phono pre-amp inside.





User Manual:

Click here to download the user manual PDF format


Driver transistors ^


Front interior ^


Power amp section ^


Interior bottom & top back view ^



Click here to download the service manual of the 22GH943 in PDF




First of all you have to check all electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and the power amp section, then in the rest of the amp, almost all will be out of specs. Also the pre-amp gemanium transistors can make some noise in the signal and may be exchanged.

Set the amplifier to 240 Volt in Europe.


Before restauration ^


After restauration ^


Set to 240V ^


Bottom ^


Typical Philips switching ^


Main PCB copperside ^

Typical Philips wiring connector ^



Solid wood case ^



The sound of this amp is very good: typical germanium early transistor amp performance.



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