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Teleton SAQ-203 stereo amplifier




Nice looking amplifier with good performance made in Japan for Teleton company in 1967.


1st version ^


Special futures:

Stereo amplifier in nice wood case, with mono/stereo switch, hi-cut filter switch, and magnetic phono input.


2nd version ^


User Manual:

* Click here to download the user info sheet




This 1st version amplifier has all germanium transistors inside, the second version may have 2 or 4 silicon transistors.

* Click here to download the basic schematic diagram



Inside ^


Bottom view ^


Back ^



You may exchange the electrolytic capacitors: as all will be out of specs after 50 years.
The rectifier diodes may be in some versions 4x 500 mA type, you can exchange them for 2A or 3A versions.


Black version ^


* 1968-1969 info sheet of Teleton company click here to download



This amplifier has a good sound.




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