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Tempofoon TFT-400 AM/FM tuner (construction)



Generously build FM stereo tuner with excellent performance made by "Comet Electro", "Cometro" Japan.


Special futures:

Also sold under the brandname "Vendomatic" and other names.

The tuner has a much better IF section with a high-quality, low distortion IF Murata ceramic filter.
With two, at the time ultra modern, Toshiba IF-ICs for low noise.


Vendomatic version with different cabinets ^


User Manual:

Click here to download the service manual PDF format


Front ^


Interior ^


FM front-end with 3 gang var.capacitor one 1st stage FET and 2x VHF transistors 1 amp, 1 osc. ^





FM + IF + Multiplex + PS + final-Audio ^


FM IF stage at 10.7 MHz, with 2x TA7061 Toshiba IF-IC and the Murata ceramic filter. ^


Comet FM-IF pcb solderside ^


Comet FM front-end pcb ^



Many electrolytic caps can be exchanged when out of specs. Lamps can be exchanged for LEDs.
Some AC lamp-wiring can be twisted.


AM section ^


Power supply ^



This tuner sounds excellent.


Matching Tempofoon amplifier ^



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