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Roelofs RA-3200/ RA-4200 amplifier




Well build stereo amplifiers made by "Comet Electro Japan" in around 1968-1970, with excellent performance.


^ RA-3200

^ The RA-4200 is approx. 1 cm wider.



Special futures:

Headphone jack. Din sockets.


^ Front & top RA-3200


User Manual:

Click here to download the user manual in PDF format


^ Interior top RA-3200.



Click here to download the schematic in PDF format

^ power transistors 2SD154 NEC



The power supply is very basic, it may be upgraded.


Back panel RA4200 ^


Interiors of TT4200 & RA4200 ^


With tuner TT-4200 ^ Prinzsound versions.




excellent performance.


The TT-4200 tuner in Prinzsound version ^



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