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Repair in stead of throw away, reparieren statt wegwerfen, reparar en lugar de la eliminación,
réparer au lieu
reparere i stedet for bortskaffelse, repareren in plaats van weggooien,
korjata hävittämisen sijaan, riparare invece di smaltimento, oprava místo likvidace,
naprawy zamiast usuwania, yerine bertaraf onarmak, פאַרריכטן אַנשטאָט פון באַזייַטיקונג,
memperbaiki bukannya pembuangan, ремонт вместо утилизации, επισκευή, αντί της διάθεσης,
إصلاح بدلا من التخلص منها, 修复,而不是出售,   修理の代わりに処分,

If you want your vintage Tannoy, Luxman or other brand vintage audio equipment
repaired, updated or restored you can contact me. We restore in very limited quantities.

 We take pride in our workmanship and knowledge. We are specialists in restoring vintage audio gear.
We also resurround and recone Tannoy, Cerwin Vega, Luxman and other brand speakers.
We have restored and repaired many amplifiers, tuners, & other equipment of all kinds of brands.
We also provide solutions like the new and unique Luxman DML units,
developed and produced at the "DML lab" in the USA.
DMLs only here available through this website at cost of production: no profit involved.
If you have Luxman equipment that you want to dispose or sell as 2nd hand,
please contact us, as we are always on search for parts of Luxmans for Luxman gear owners.
You can contact me for info through email:



New Luxman DML's 01 & 02:

 ^ available only here at the Luxman Vintage Website.


We are specialists in reconing and resurrounding Tannoys
and other brand speakers.

Tannoy HPD resurround in progress ^


^ defect and leaking capacitors coming from a B&O receiver.

Defect parts from ie. Luxman, Sansui, Sony, Kenwood and Rotel audio gear. ^


Luxman and Tannoy solutions by LTS

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