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Luxman R-2050 reciever



Around 1982 Luxman company came with its R-2050 reciever.


Owners manual:

click here to download the user manual of the R-2050 in pdf format


special futures:

This is an early digital reciever with digital FM tuner.
The reciever is made by Alpine and is not of the quality of earlier models made by Luxman.
Inside you will find early digital chips and several ic's and also STK-modules.


click here to download the service manual of the R-2050 in pdf format

Build quality is not better than average and not of the standards Luxman used to keep in the past.



The sound is good but not exceptional.


Replace the memory battery, as it has limited life and leaks after several years of service and will damage the pcb's.
The STK module in the power amp is often broken, the protection circuits starts acting
and the power amp will not switch to operate.
In other cases it switches to operate but low levels of DC are on the speaker outputs.
Replace the STK module and apply extra heatsinking to prevent future problems.
Often the protection circuit breaks down. The volume and tone resistors are cheap and often make noise.
Several parts are of low quality and need to be replaced.
The power transistors often break together with the STK module.
You should check soldering of several pcb's as the soldering-machine of Alpine often did not a good job.
Many capacitors in the digital power line should be of better quality, digital noise is often heard in the speakers.
Extra decoupling of the digital power lines may be an option to get the reciever quiet again.



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