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Luxman audio cassettes



Around 1978 Luxman company came with its audio cassettes for their cassette-decks.

The Luxman cassettes came in ferro-position, chrome-position and metal-position versions, and were named XM-series.


Owners manual:

In the cassette box.


special futures:

The Luxman cassettes were made of extreme quality.
They have 4 wheels inside with steel axis, 4 sqew adjustments for azimuth and a 5 screw housing,
with a big felt pressure path to contact the tape firmly with the heads.
Tape guidance is superior to any other cassette on the markets at the time.





none known.


Luxman later made the simpler version of these cassettes: the XN-series.

Luxman XN-1 ferro-position version, C90 cassette.



The sound is great.

Luxman K12 deck, ultimate HiFi.


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