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Pioneer A-110 Amplifier


Pioneer Japan introduced this amplifier around 1995.

This amplifier is a perfect example of: "How to build a simple audio-amp with as few as possible parts?"

The text at the front of the amp is somewhat hilarious, as this is a common, intended for domestic-use, audio-amplifier.


Special futures:

This amplifier consists of only a RIAA and a power amp section,
tone control is done the same way as in the Luxman L200 series:
in the feedback circuit of the power amp.
The basic amp consists out of 1 IC, 1 STK module and there are 4 small signal transistors in the power and protection sections,
That is the whole amp, there is nothing more about it.



The servicemanual of the Pioneer A-110 click here

The specs of the STK4142II by Sanyo click here



Sound is average due to the use of STK modules.



The power supply can be improved by using bigger capacitors. Use ie. 6800 uF 50V.

You may replace some capacitors in the amp and eventually the coupling caps in the pre-main amp connection.

Set the supply voltige to 240 Volt when you are in Europe with 230V powerline.




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