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Luxman T-353-L Tuner


Around 1990 Luxman company came with its tuner T-353 of the 300 sets series.



The display in FM function. ^


Special futures:

This FM tuner may have MW and LW as extra feature depending on the L option version.

The inside of the tuner.^


Click here to download the user manual of the Luxman T-353L tuner in pdf-format



This tuner is basically the same schematic diagram setup as the older T111.
The pcb however is a lot smaller and components are kept to the minimum needed, also some newer IC's are employed made by Samsung.


Click here to download the service manual of the Luxman T-353L tuner in pdf-format (construction)


The FM front-end and the MF, together with the AM section, at the left the FM discriminator. ^



The sound and reception quality is similar to the T111.


The power supply and the LF section. ^



To get a stable reception the capacitors of the power supply should be replaced with better ones and some must be added,
also the heat-sinking should be taken care of.



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