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Yamaha CA-2010 Amplifier



Integrated amplifier capable of 100Watts per channel




Owners manual:

Replacing the lamps for leds give a very good result and never have to change lamps again.
Use 5 warm white leds from a broken led lamp, put in series a diode and a resistor of 1 kOhms 1 Watt.
Leave all as is and reassemble the light bar above the meters.


special futures:

This amp has a class A switch to set the power amp section is class A mode. It is rather a simulation of the Class A mode.

Replacing the power main capacitors, the modern ones are of higher voltage, better quality and a lot smaller.



click here to download the service manual of the CA2010 in pdf format


This amplifier benefits from a complete replacement of all power section capacitors.
replace C105 to C112, C139 to C141, C301,C302, C316, C317, C401 to C406, C409 to C412, C415 to C428, C609, C610.
Also some caps in the signal path should be checked and replaced.

Now alignment can be done to get the amplifier as new again



The sound is very good, this is a good quality 100 Watts/ch capable power aplifier.



Replace capacitors in the power supply and power rail as shown here.



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