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Luxman R1040 receiver


In the years 1978/1980 Luxman company came with its R1040 "high quality" receiver.

The silver/rosewood version


The black version


Owners manual:

click here to download the user manual of the R1040 in pdf format
(do you have a usermanual? do you want to share it? email me please)

click here to download the Luxman R1040 brochure


special futures:

Typical Luxman inside, very nice and generously build, heavy and luxury.

click here to download the specifications file

The power amplifier ^



click here to download the service manual of the R1040 in pdf format

The Receiver PCB ^



The reception and sound is very good.

The power supply and the FM filter block in the European version ^



European users should set the main voltage selector to 240 Volt,
or let a qualified technician change the voltage setting.

Cleaning and checking all fuses is part one of the repair or upgrade.
The light bulbs are usually broken after many years of service, so they need to be replaced by new or by leds.

The power amp section is the same as in the Luxman L30/31 amplifier,
so what you can improve is to be seen on this websites page of the L30.

Replace some capacitors in the power supply and power rail.
The main power supply capacitors are of good quality so check if they are ok and replace only when required.

Realigning the FM section is after many years of service a good thing to consider.


The European version inside ^

The US version inside ^






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