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Luxman K-321 cassette deck




Cassette Deck of Luxman issued in the 1990's. This cassette deck is a cheaper model made by Alpine.


Special futures:

It has 1 motor and 2 heads, a demagnetizer and HXpro, Dolby B&C and a timer, it has also bias fine control.
The panel ledbar VU meter is quite useless as it has only few leds incorporated, it is not much more than a VU indicator.


User Manual:

Not yet available



Click here to download the schematic diagram PDF format

Simple inside, with cables conneting to the front pcb ^



None as this cassette deck is not very easy servicable: you have to dismantle the whole pcb to get it ready to be serviced,
the front is awkwardly mounted in the cabinet. This cassette deck has no future, when it breaks down or wears down
its very quickly not worth the effort to service it, it will end up in the waste bin. It has several weak parts inside.
Cabling inside is not to the former Luxman standards, the connectors are weak and the control switches are quickly worn out.

No bottom panel that can be opened for service. ^



Not very impressive.




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