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Luxman R-2040 reciever



Around 1982 Luxman company came with its R-2040 reciever.

This is a analog reciever with a digital display, it has Accutouch and a generously designed power amplifier.
It is of better quality than its sister full digital tuner the R-2050.


Owners manual:

click here to download the user manual of the R-2040 in pdf format


special futures:

This is an early digital display reciever with analog FM tuner.
The reciever is made by Alpine.
Inside you will find early digital chips and several ic's.



click here to download the service manual of the R-2040 in pdf format



The sound is good.




Upgrading is rewarding with this R-2040 receiver.
The power amp section is of good quality and is capable of 2x50 Watts power in upgraded mode.

The electrolytic capacitors should be checked and upgraded through the whole receiver.
The power supply section is very vulnurable to heat and so the caps should all be replaced in this section.

This receiver should be set to 240V mains voltage in Europe.

The power transistors ^





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