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Akai AM-2200 amplifier



Akai amplifier made around 1975 that used to be a competitor to the cheaper Luxmans.


Special futures:

This is a good amplifier, with 20 Watts RMS per channel power capacity.

The amp is well built and has the typical vintage Akai looks. It came in silver and black version.


User Manual:

Not yet available

Inside the original amp ^



Click here to download the service manual in PDF format



This is an amplifier that deserves updating, it can be very rewarding to get the most out of it.
There are some parts that are rather small designed, and performance can improve when these parts are exchanged for
better parts. It is possible to improve the output power up to 26 Watts RMS p/ch at 8 Ohms.
Also the overall damping factor can be improved.
Checking the power transistors and the heatsink compound is recommended.
This amp has NO protection circuit: adding a simple one is recommended.


 Modification of the power section ^


The power transistors ^



Good sound amplifier, well built and good parts used.

The Manual ^



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