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Standard SR157SW amplifier



Around 1965 issued amplifier for European markets made by 'Standard Electric' company Japan.

front ^


Owners manual:

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interior ^

special futures:

There are models of this kind amplifier with RCA input/output sockets.
Light and small footprint amp. Wood case. Well build and good parts used.
This amp employs a mix of germanium and silicon transistors.


Distortion (THD 20Hz - 20kHz) < 0.1% at continuous output per channel: 7 Watts RMS per channel.
Speaker impedance: 8~16ohms
Signal/noise ratio: 85dB power amp. section
4 x DIN input.

Germanium Power transistors ^



click here to download the schematic diagram of the Standard SR157SW (redrawn by

PCB with silicon transistors and germanium drivers ^


You may replace some diodes, capacitors and resistors in the power supply and power rail.
After modification this amp is capable of producing 2x 10 Watts RMS.

interior after update ^


Back Panel with new speaker connectors ^



The sound is very good for such a small amplifier.



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