LUXMAN   vintage audio

Luxman CX-1 pre-amplifier



Around 1978 issued pre-amplifier for use with MC cartridges made by Luxman company Japan.


front ^


Owners manual:

not yet available



interior with old style DML-03 replacement ^


Special features:

Light and small footprint pre-amp.
Well build and good parts used.
DML-03 units used.

Old DML-03's that should be replaced ^



Distortion (THD 20Hz - 20kHz) < 0.003%
Signal/noise ratio: 85dB


^ Back panel



click here to download the schematic diagram of the CX-1 (construction)

Block diagram on the case ^



You may replace some capacitors in the power supply and power rail.
Replace the old DML03 units.
Set the transformer setting to 230V if you are in Europe and have an international CX-1 version.


interior with shielding ^


Power supply part ^


Old style DML-03 replacement ^




The sound is very good.




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