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Realistic SA-101 LoFi mini-amplifier



Around 1980 Tandy 'Radio Shack' company came with its Realistic SA-101 amplifier.


The SA-101 was made in Japan has discrete output transistors made by Hitachi
and has output power of 2,5 Watts RMS per channel.

detail front

detail front


Owners manual:

click here to download the user manual of the SA-101

Power amp section ^


special futures:


Distortion (THD 20Hz - 20kHz) < 0.1%
at continuous output per channel: 2,5W RMS, 5 Watts peak.
Speaker impedance: 4~16ohms
Signal/noise ratio: 85dB power amp. section
3 x RCA input, rec. output in back, phono input switchable for magnetic and ceramic cartridge.
Very light and small footprint amp.
Size: 3.5" x 9.25" x 6 7/8" (HWD)


interior 2 ^



schematics Realistic SA-101: click here

Well built small amplifier.


PCB (modified) ^



You may replace some capacitors and resistors in the power supply and power rail.

This amp has the same setup as in the SA-102 version 1 and can be modified to a 2x 5 Watts RMS amp,


different version inside ^



The sound is good.



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