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Panasonic RE-7412LBS receiver




The Panasonic RE-7412LBS was a receiver made by Matsushita National Panasonic audio HiFi division in Japan around 1972.

Front panel ^

^ frontpanel light.

Lights off:  flash photo ^

Night view lights on ^

Front detail ^


Special futures:

This receiver is very well designed and well constructed and meets the most modern electronic design practises at the time.
Panasonic used the best available parts at the time and this is why this receiver still works fine in 2017.
It is one of the nicest small recveivers Panasonic has built in this time frame.
The LBS version has a discrete power output section with complementary output transistors.


Full lights on ^


User Manual:

Click here to download the 1973 brochure PDF format



Click here to download the service manual of the non-LBS version in PDF format


This solid state reciever uses all silicon transistors and IC's. The electronic design is very modern in its time.

The output amplifier employs Matsushita NPN-PNP silicon power transistors and a OTL and OCL output stage,

The tuner section is using a FET pre-amp and the the IF uses 1 IC and 1 IC detector for FM.
The stereo decoder is of good quality.

Panasonic made 2 versions of this receiver, this LBS version with discrete audio output power section,
and a non LBS simpler version with output power IC's.

It offers LW and MW too.



The power supply is not to modern standards anymore, you can update it with 4700 uF cap or better.
The sound and the power capability will improve.
With a little redesign of the power supply you can improve the current capability of the power supply
you will get a 2x10 Watts RMS amp at 8 Ohms.
The reception meets modern standards, with quite moderate noise figures and acceptable sensitivity.

Set the power transformer voltage setting from 220 V to 240 V in Europe.

Updating this receiver is very rewarding.

Main PCB ^

The power amplifier and power supply, as you can see best parts are used and its very well constructed.
Heatsinking can be improved as I did above.

Early Matsushita ICs ^ Inside the receiver.



The sound is good for this kind receiver.

Stereo! Great sound ^



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