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The Blacklist - liste noire -
schwarze Liste - zwarte lijst

This page is created to issue warnings about dishonest people who are trying to get your money with unlawful practises.
These people keep on offering Tannoys, Luxmans, other gear or gems and let you pay and deliver nothing or broken items,
so you risk to be robbed if you do any trading with these people or companies.

Please read the below information before you pay any money to people or companies you do not know if they are honest.
Do not forget to read the links on this page. Its for your own safe trade!
Do not believe people with 'too good to be true' offers.
Also on this page: info about stolen items, audio gear and computers.
Warning: this list is containing warnings about crooks and almost-crooks in "vintage audio-land trading"
and related trading on well know sites, please check on internet.

Warning       Warning       Blacklisted.

If you are aware of any incorrect information listed below or have additional relevant information I should include, please contact me.


Known name: Natalia Muravieva Kostygova
Known email address:
Known used (fake) addresses: Brooklyn - New York City - USA, moved to Milan, Pennsylvania, USA.
Known offers made: Sold on Ebay broken Luxman gear for serious money, a "working" Luxman 5K50 cassette deck and more.
                                   Promised missing parts that she never delivered.
Known victims: at least 1 in 2014, loosing several hundreds of $.
Known Aliases: she gives the impression in Ebay communication that she is male. Her son is involved in this.
Known Ebay ID's: reliablenatalia

Natalia is very active on Ebay and also on Facebook. She offers a at the moment: Luxman KX-100 Vintage Cassette Deck: Warning!

When buyers contact her and complain, she gets offensive and agressive: she is a pathological liar.
Then she wants her sold items back without any refund and when the buyer wants a refund she
starts changing all her previously told stories with more lies and she treatens the buyer with:
"I need this item back within 7 business days or it goes to my collection agency" Without any refund? SURE !
Again more reasons never to buy anything from her.


Broken Luxman interior: missing parts.

Warning!  Blacklisted.


DPD              DPD

the unprofessionals


3 x lost package


No shipping with DPD.




Zenith Autosport WATCH lady, bought on EBAY from:

Ebayer: stil8372 in the UK, who does not support the items that he sells: a very sad person.

Do not buy from stil8372 he is a bad ebayer, unfriendly and a scammer, he is only in it for the $$$.


look at the photos:



1: Mini MSI Wind Laptop 10' screen, brand:
, type: U100 - 049EU. PSN: U100-049EU-IBN2702G16XH. S/N:U100-049EUK0811006038.  

2: Mini MSI Wind Laptop 10' screen, brand:
, type: U100 - 041EU. PSN: U100-041EU-IBN2702G16XH. S/N:U100-041EUK0810003004.

Name and call PE1MMK is on it and inside, both are upgraded by me.
Notice the photo below to see what a MSI U100 looks like.



Please if you know where these items are:
email me or
inform the police. Reward !

 No Thanks!

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Please read the copyright and additional info.

If you are aware of any incorrect information listed here or have additional relevant information I should include, please contact me.

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