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Akai AM-U22 amplifier




Amplifier made in the 1980's that used to be a competitor to the cheaper Luxmans, but as it appears now it never was really.


Special futures:

This is a nice looking slim line amplifier, with 20 Watts per channel power capacity.


User Manual:

Not yet available



Click here to download the schematic diagram PDF format

As you can see there is not much about this amp: power supply, STK module and chip-RIAA amp. ^



None! as this amplifier is hardly servicable: you have to dismantle the whole amp to get it ready to be serviced,
the STK module is awkwardly mounted in the cabinet. This amp has no future, when the STK module braeks down
its not worth the effort to service it, it will most probably end up in the waste bin.
If you compare this amplifier with a similar model of Luxman or Pioneer, also presented on this website, you can see the difference,
the Luxman LV-90 and Pioneer A-110 are very well servicable, while this Akai is not.


How to get to the STK module and replace a defective one? dismantle the whole amp? Yes! ^



Not very impressive. Amplifiers with STK modules are not bad ones, but this Akai is no good.




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