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The links on this page give information about the internals and specifications of several Luxman vintage audio gear.
You will find repair and upgrade/update information, schematic diagrams, service manuals, user manuals and many photos.
You will also benefit from my personal experience in keeping these Luxmans up and running,
to get the vintage Luxmans meet your todays audio HiFi needs, what to do about notorious problems, and much more.
Even complete new solutions: designed, tested and manufactured specially for you vintage Luxman owner.
Please read the copyright notice first before you use any information on this site for commercial purposes.
This website helps you with the reuse of your audio gear and to save the earth from electronic waste.


 List of Luxman vintage products shown in detail, with update & repair info:

* Luxman & Tannoy Vintage audio repair

* Luxman DML-01 and DML-02 replacement

* Luxman SQ 505X / SQ 507X amplifier

* Luxman SQ 503X amplifier

* Luxman SQ-202 amplifier

* Luxman SQ-700, SQ-707 & SQ-708X amplifiers

* Luxman SQ-700 X - XG amplifier

* Luxman CL 350 pre amplifier

* Luxman CL 32 / CL 34 pre amplifiers

* Luxman CL 35 / MQ70 & MQ80 amplifiers

* Luxman M2000/M4000/C1000 amplifiers

* Luxman L308 / L309 amplifiers

* Luxman C12 / M12 amplifiers

* Luxman 5L15 amplifier

* Luxman 5M20 & 5M21 power amplifier

* Luxman 5C50 pre amplifier

* Luxman 5F70 tone unit

* Luxman M1600 amplifier

* Luxman L100 amplifier

* Luxman L30 & L31 amplifier

* Luxman L80 (V) amplifier

* Luxman L31-upgrade

* Luxman L210 amplifier

* Luxman L215 amplifier

* Luxman L230 amplifier

* Luxman L405 amplifier

* Luxman L525 & Luxman L560 amplifiers

* Luxman L55A amplifier

* Luxman L2 amplifier

* Luxman L3 amplifier

* Luxman L4 amplifier

* Luxman L5 amplifier

* Luxman L10 amplifier

* Luxman LV-90 amplifier

* Luxman LV-102 amplifier

* Luxman LV-111 amplifier

* Luxman LV-112 amplifier

* Luxman L-1A amplifier

* Luxman L-114A amplifier

* Luxman L-116A amplifier

* Luxman CX-1 pre-amplifier

* Luxman R1500 receiver

* Luxman R1030 receiver

* Luxman R1040 receiver

* Luxman R-2040 receiver

* Luxman R-2050 receiver

* Luxman T110 FM tuner

* Luxman T111 AM/FM tuner

* Luxman T117(L) AM/FM tuner

* Luxman T12 FM tuner

* Luxman T14 FM tuner

* Luxman T2 FM/AM tuner

* Luxman T-210L AM/FM tuner

* Luxman WL-500 AM/FM tuner

* Luxman T-353 AM/FM tuner

* Luxman T-100L AM/FM tuner

* Luxman 5K50 cassette deck

* Luxman K-321 cassette deck

* Luxman K-240 cassette deck

* Luxman K-92 cassette deck

* Luxman K-5 cassette deck

* Luxman K-8 cassette deck

* Luxman audio cassettes

Not Luxman vintage HiFi gear, with update & repair info:

* Sansui AU-555A amplifier

* Sansui AU-101 amplifier

* Sansui AU-G33X amplifier

* Kenwood KA-4004 amplifier

* Kenwood KA-2000 amplifier

* Pioneer SA-420 amplifier

* Pioneer A-110 amplifier

* Panasonic SA-420 receiver

* Panasonic RE-7412LBS receiver

* Yamaha CA-2010 amplifier

* Chicago 19-350 amplifier

* Akai AM-U22 amplifier

* Akai AA-5210 amplifier

* Akai AM-2200 amplifier

* Rotel RA-210 amplifier

* Marantz 1060 amplifier

* Marantz PM230 amplifier

* Monarch SA-600 amplifier

* Monarch ST-60x FM/AM tuner

* Sony ST4950 FM/AM Tuner

* Standard PM-403W amplifier

* AudioSonic ST-101 amplifier

* JVC TD-X321 cassette deck


Not Luxman vintage LoFi gear, with update & repair info:

* PE SV10 Amplifier

* Realistic SA-101 amplifier

* Realistic SA-102 amplifier

* Realistic SA-150 amplifier

* AudioSonic WS-101 amplifier

* Schonklang KA-205 amplifier

* Standard SR-157SW amplifier

* Camet CA-3300 amplifier

* Canwell KO-920 amplifier

* Gral Stereosonic TS-135 amplifier

* E♦N NF-718 amplifier

* Behringer C1 mic. update


General info on electronics and vintage audio gear:

* The Tannoy Monitor Gold Website

* Transistor info 101science

* Capacitor info

* Electrolytic capacitor info

* Transistor radios

* Tubes cross reference


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Set your Luxman to from 220V to 240V in Europe.

Safety Warning:
There are high voltages inside, please read all safety remarks in your manual, keep it safe!
Do not risk your health.
If you are not familiar with electronics: do not attempt to upgrade or repair: you can contact me.

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